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Future Day | Futur en tous genres

A rich day for career awareness

Monday, 15 November 2021

Futur en tous genres 2021

The young participants discover the cryogenics laboratory ar CERN. Photo credit: CERN

After a break forced by the pandemic in 2020, CERN renewed its participation in the Future Day (Journée Futur en tous genres) on Thursday 11 November by welcoming 24 9th grade students from the Canton of Geneva for a day full of discovery.

By striving to deconstruct the concepts of professional stereotypes and thus open up new perspectives for girls and boys, the Future Day aims at making young people aware of career choices that are established regardless of gender, and gives them a practical overview of the wide range that exists in career perpectives.

The young participants spent the day with CERN colleagues and scientists who presented them with their respective tasks and responsibilities while answering their questions. Cryogenics, superconductivity and radio protection workshops, physicians and communication specialists, they benefited from a day rich in discovery which will undoubtedly have aroused their curiosity and which may well have created vocations.