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A year to celebrate CERN’s 70th anniversary

Celebrations begin with Unveiling the Universe, an event combining science, art and culture in CERN Science Gateway on 30 January

Friday, 12 January 2024

CERN wishes you a happy 2024 as we look forward to a year of celebrations for CERN’s 70th anniversary

Happy 2024 from CERN! 

In 2024, CERN is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Throughout the year, events and activities will showcase the Laboratory’s rich past, as well as its bright future with a unique accelerator complex set to drive 70 more years of research into what the Universe is made of and how it works.

With the full programme of events soon to be announced, join us for the first event, Unveiling the Universe, on 30 January in CERN Science Gateway. This event will combine science, art and culture, looking back on CERN’s 70 years of scientific discoveries and looking forward to how many mysteries of the Universe are still to be understood.

Poster of 30 January eventPhysicists and artists will explore human creativity, curiosity, imagination and inspiration, looking at how we have built and will continue to build knowledge and understanding of the big questions about the Universe: from the first billionth of a second after the Big Bang to the invisible “dark” Universe.

The day will begin with the inaugural CERN Art and Science Summit. Renowned artists and scientists will delve into the challenges and opportunities of engagement between art and science. The summit will highlight the achievements of CERN’s forward-thinking approach to arts and creativity through the Arts at CERNprogramme.

The evening will be one of conversations with distinguished scientists of different generations – David Gross, Djuna Croon, Gian Francesco Giudice and Tara Shears – exploring the development of knowledge in particle physics and CERN’s contributions to these developments.

All this will be interspersed with a visit to the art-based Exploring the Unknown exhibition in CERN Science Gateway, and the evening will be rounded off with Enigma, a visual and audio performance.

For more information and to register, please follow this link.