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Six local school pupils light up the Globe with their scientific projects

CERN hosted Partage ta science, the cross-border scientific symposium, in the Globe of Science and Innovation on Friday, 14 October 2022.

Monday, 17 October 2022


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Colloque transfrontalier "Partage ta science" du vendredi 14 ocotbre 2022 au Globe de la science et de l'innovation du CERN (Image: CERN)

For the eleventh time in a row, Partage ta science, an event organised by and for young people, took place at CERN. Modelled on the style of a scientific symposium, it featured six pupils who presented their secondary school graduation work.

This year, three pupils flew the flag for France, two from the Cité Scolaire Internationale in Ferney-Voltaire and one from the Lycée Jeanne d’Arc in Cessy, while Switzerland was represented by pupils from the Collège Claparède, the Collège Voltaire and the Centre de Formation Professionnel Technique

The French pupils took turns to briefly present their Grand Oraux (the final baccalaureate research project undertaken in France), while their Swiss counterparts discussed their Travaux de Maturité or Travaux Pratiques Individuels (similar projects completed by Swiss pupils). 

The presentations covered a variety of topics, ranging from extra-terrestrial life to phantom limb pain, the use of mathematics to detect tax evasion and the construction of a telescope using a 3D printer. The pupils also explored topical issues, such as global warming and optimising the energy of heating systems. 

Once again, the pupils delivered their presentations under the sharp eye of cartoonist Barrigue, the creator of satirical magazine Vigousse and founder of the association CrayonSolidaires, dessiner pour tous. Over the course of the evening, Barrigue gave live reactions to the presentations, in a quirky and, at times, provocative way!

You can find videos of the presentations and photos of the evening on the event website.