Partage ta science

A French-Swiss cross-border colloquium where pupils present their secondary school projects to each other.

Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes - 2018
The cartoonist Barrigue presents his drawings during the 2018 edition. (Image: CERN)

Each year, in October, CERN brings together high school students from France and Switzerland for the cross-border symposium Partage ta science at the Science Gateway Campus. ​

Like in a real scientific symposium, seven graduation works covering scientific fields are presented by students from Geneva and Pays de Gex. French students present their Grand Oraux (the final baccalaureate research project undertaken in France) and Swiss talk about their Travaux de Maturité, Travaux Personnels d’Approfondissement, Travaux Pratiques Individuels or Travaux Interdisciplinaires centrés sur un Projet (similar projects done by students in Geneva).

Math, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering... They have a few minutes to share their science with the audience, under the keen eye of a cartoonist, who reacts live on the various subjects discussed.

The aim of this event is to spark the pupils' passion for science by encouraging them to explore scientific subject matter and by offering them an insight into the world of research. Sharing and challenging others’ ideas is of fundamental importance within the scientific community. This cross-border meeting, in which pupils present their secondary school projects, is therefore modelled on a scientific colloquium.

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