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CERN takes part in the TecDay at Collège Sismondi in Geneva

Close to 900 students discovered the technical and technological fields

Friday, 18 March 2022

education,Quantum Computing,superconductivity


Initiated by the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW), a TecDay was held at the Sismondi College in Geneva on 17 March 2022. Nearly 70 professionals took part in the event to show some 900 students that mathematics have useful applications, that a computer scientist does not stay behind his desk, that natural sciences provide solutions to improve everyday life and that there are also visionary young women solving technical problems related to the development of our society. The students were able to choose from a catalogue of fifty modules – in French or in English – their preferred subjects.

CERN took part in this event by offering two workshops several times during the day, thus allowing as many students as possible to discover the science and technologies used at the Laboratory. The Women in Technology community introduced students to quantum computing while the S’Cool LAB team introduced them to the fantastic phenomenon of superconductivity.

Although not all young people will choose a technical or scientific profession, the TecDay allowed them to discover a fascinating world. This overview is essential to be able to take decisions as future citizens and consumers.