Django Girls Reloaded

23 Mar 2017 – Django Girls workshops are targeted at women to introduce them to the world of coding and technology by teaching them how to successfully create a blog application and deploy it to the internet

Devoxx4Kids, a conference for budding geeks

14 Mar 2017 – On 26 February, CERN hosted Devoxxkids, a series of computing, robotics and electronics workshops for kids in the Globe and in the IdeaSquare

How does CERN encourage women in science?

17 Feb 2017 – In physics, as in other sciences, there is often a huge gap between the number of men and women

Thursday, 2 March: premiere of Hidden Figures and debate

17 Feb 2017 – On Thursday, 2 March, the Pathé cinema at Balexert, in collaboration with CERN, will be hosting a premiere of the film Hidden Figures, followed by a debate on the position of women in science

Join us for a Voxxed Day!

11 Feb 2017 – The local community are hosting a Voxxed Day event at CERN in February

Small river pollution swiftly contained in Lion river

09 Jan 2017 – CERN confirms the early detection of river pollution shortly after 2pm on 20 December 2016 in Saint-Genis-Pouilly

Reinforcing cooperation between the emergency services

08 Dec 2016 – A tripartite agreement between CERN, France and Switzerland reinforces cooperation between their respective emergency services

Geneva Mix & Mash is back!

08 Dec 2016 – Meet people from all over the world, locals and expats, who call Geneva home

Inauguration of the Route de l’Europe cycle path

24 Oct 2016 – Bike safely betwen CERN Prévessin and Meyrin sites.

European Researchers’ Night tours the Globe

17 Oct 2016 – Around 600 visitors came to CERN for the 2016 European Researchers’ Night held on 30 September of this year

Coding Pi Science Day

22 Sep 2016 – Public event for teachers and programming passionates

Public conferences at University of Geneva: black holes and gravitational waves explained

26 Aug 2016 – On 14 and 16 September, lectures by astrophysicians Prof. Bruce Allen and Prof. Kip Thorne will be open to the public

European Researchers’ Night: Activities at CERN for All Audiences

26 Aug 2016 – On Friday 30 September, CERN will be among the scientific organisations and institutes of over 300 towns and cities in Europe taking part in the European Researchers’ Night

UNIGE in space... hunting astroparticles

18 Aug 2016 – Exhibition on cosmic rays 18 August - 30 September

CERN announces the fourth edition of the Beamline for Schools competition

19 Jul 2016 – CERN is pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Beamline for Schools Competition

CERN welcomes Romania as its twenty-second Member State

18 Jul 2016 – Romania became the twenty-second Member State of CERN1, having acceded to the Organization's founding Convention, deposited with UNESCO.

CERN and Swiss Space Centre Sign Knowledge Transfer Agreement

24 Jun 2016 – CERN aims for collaboration opportunities between the High Energy Physics and Aerospace Communities

Presenting CineGlobe Estival!

10 Jun 2016 – Join CineGlobe under a projected starry sky for a film festival and games with a neuroscience twist

Horses help to maintain CERN's forests

09 Jun 2016 – On the initiative of the Office National des Forêts, France’s forestry commission, horses are helping to remove trees cut down in CERN’s forests

CERN boosts its commitment to sustainable transport

02 Jun 2016 – Three sustainable transport events are taking place in the coming weeks on either side of the border


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